Strategic Plan


In 2014, a representative from OPWA contacted Brenda Tindale of Bredale Associates regarding strategic planning. Brenda was then invited to conduct an introductory workshop with the Board of Directors and explain the process for developing a strategic plan. The Board of Directors made the decision to proceed with the strategic planning process in 2015.

Three consultation workshops were conducted with various stakeholders. These workshops involved brainstorming about the future of OPWA which led to the development of themes. In addition, telephone interviews were completed by Bredale Associates with a variety of different individuals whose opinions were considered important to the future of OPWA.

All of the information generated was used to develop this strategic plan. A committee was formed to utilized this information in the development of the plan. The committee consisted of Debbie Korolnek, Michelle Albert, Sam Sidawi, Angela Storey, Jeff Johnson, Tricia Hamilton, Giancarlo Tedesco, Marco Bertoia and Trish Holden. Brenda Tindale facilitated all sessions.


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