APWA Public Agency Groups

This type of APWA membership is available to any federal, provincial,  local, or other public agency that has a group of people who wish to exchange ideas, improve professional competency and increase the performance of their agency. The number of individuals covered and the annual fee for an agency group membership are based on the population served.

The APWA has a number of Ontario municipal governments as APWA Public Agency Group memberships.

(Only the people named as rostered agency members receive full APWA member benefits, but all employees of agency members are entitled to member rates for OPWA events.)

To be eligible for the APWA Public Agency rate, you must be employed directly by the municipality you select from the drop down list. Staff working for a local area municipality within a regional municipality do not qualify unless the local municipality itself is specifically listed. For clarification, please contact the OPWA Executive Director, at 647-726-0167.

When registering for an event an employee of an APWA Public Agency Group must indicate the agency they belong to and register using an email address belonging to that public agency.

Following is the current roster of APWA Public Agency Groups:

City of Brampton
City of Brockville
City of Hamilton
City of Ottawa
City of Toronto
City of Vaughan
City of Waterloo (note – the City only, not the Region)
City of Windsor
Region of Durham
Region of Halton
Region of Niagara
Region of Peel
Region of York
Town of Fort Erie
Town of Oakville
Town of Pelham
Town of Prescott