How to Register for an Event

Registering for an event online is a simple and secure process.

All personal information is sent to OPWA via a secure connection. OPWA does not store credit card information on its servers but retains only the registration details in order to manage your registration efficiently and effectively.



Allow time for registration pages to process. Clicking on submit buttons more than once risks multiple registrations and payments.

Have your attendee and payment information including membership numbers assembled before beginning the registration process.

Don’t panic, any errors can be corrected.


Step 1

Complete the first page of the registration form providing your name and address information.

Select the payment type you wish to use.

Answer any additional questions that are particular to the event (meal requirements etc)

Indicate the number of attendees you are registering for the event by selecting from the drop down field next to the event item list at the bottom of the form. You must select at least one of the items to register for the event.

Registrations that take advantage of  OPWA member rates will be asked to provide their membership number in Step 2

Enter the Captcha code. This helps to prevent spam on the OPWA website. Help is available in using the Captcha code by clicking on “?” symbol in the code box.

Click on “Submit”


Registration Step 1

Step 2

If you are registering more than 1 person you will be asked to provide information for each of the attendees.

Member registrations will request membership numbers to be entered.

If the name of the person attending the event is different from the name entered in Step 1 it can be changed here.

Click on “Confirmed”


Registration Step 2

Step 3

Print and retain for your records your registration confirmation details by clicking on “PDF Confirmation”. This information may be required if you are submitting an expense for reimbursement. It provides all relevant information regarding your registration.

Enter your credit card information.

Click on “Pay Now”

You will receive a payment receipt via email providing the name of the event and the amount paid.

That’s it.


Registration Step 3


If you need more information please contact OPWA at